Crown Point Community Library Card Application
To facilitate library access during the current Library closure, the Library has set up a system to process new library cards for community members.

Please submit the form below if you are applying for a new card, updating an expired card, or have lost your pin.

** You will receive your request by email **

All new library cardholders will need to pick up their physical card, at the Library, when it re-opens.

Library card requests will be addressed Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9-5 p.m.
Library responses will not be immediate. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have problems with this form please email us at
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Are you applying for a new library card?
Forgot your pin? Please enter your library card number below. If you do not know your library card please fill out the form below.
If you are updating an expired library card, enter your library card number below. If you do not know your library card number, fill out the complete form.
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PIN numbers are the last four digits of the phone number listed. You may choose a different four-digit number. Enter the PIN below, PIN numbers can be changed at any time.
My signature indicates that I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on my library card/my child’s library card. I agree to abide by the circulation policies and agree to pay all fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged materials borrowed on my card/my child’s card. I agree to notify the library immediately if my card/my child’s card is lost or stolen or if contact information changes. I understand that library card information is only released to persons authorized on my account, as listed above. Children age 17 or under require a parent’s/guardian’s signature, who accepts the financial responsibility of the account. The Library promotes the Freedom to Read Statement and does not monitor the borrowing choices of library patrons. *
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