Consent Violations in Kinky Relationships and Communities - Longform answers
Time to complete: 5 mins and upwards

What I'm looking for: UK-based kinky people's perspectives on consent violations and abuse, both people in BDSM/kink communities and people outwith them. Write down your stories, concerns, questions. Write as much or as little as you like. You can write anonymously and skip any of the questions.

Why I'm running this survey: I'm looking at what barriers kinky people face when it comes to dealing with abuse, and whether those barriers are presented to them by external organisations or by their peers. I'm not an academic, I'm not acting on behalf of an organisation - I'm just an individual campaigning in my free time.

What I'll do with the information I receive: I'm putting together a workshop for an event called BiTastic, held in Glasgow on December 3rd. I'd like to have a broader selection of views than I can reasonably collect by interviewing people, so that I know what issues I should focus on in my workshop. I'm also speaking to other organisations like Rape Crisis Scotland about how they work with the kink community, and I'd like to be able to use your anecdotal evidence to inform those discussions too. I'll be publishing workshop materials and documenting my activities at

Anything you say, even if you write it anonymously, will not be shared with third parties unless you explicitly consent.

I also have a multiple-choice survey dealing solely with kinky people's experiences with health professionals and the police. Find it here:

You can contact me at uk.kink.survey [at] gmail dot com.

Share your thoughts and experiences of consent violation and abuse in kinky relationships.
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If you are part of a BDSM/kink community, what makes you feel safe/unsafe on the scene? Do you think your community does well at preventing abuse and at dealing with reports of abuse?
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How do you feel about sharing the fact that you are kinky with medical staff, or the police?
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Any other comments, concerns, suggestions for workshop discussion topics?
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How can I use your commentary in documents for my workshop programme? Names will be omitted and any identifying details changed.
How can I use your commentary in documents I may show other organisations, like Rape Crisis or the Equality Network? Names will be omitted and any identifying details changed.
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