Do you have a demon?
Have you experimented with any forms of the occult? *
Do you get weird dreams? *
Do you sometimes experience uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence? *
Have you been a victim to sexual abuse (Molested, Rape, Incested) *
Do you sometimes act or behave not consistent with your normal personality? *
Do you abuse alcohol or drugs? *
Have you ever attempted or consider suicide? *
Have you asked Satan to take your life in exchange for something you want? *
Do you sometimes feel depressed and hopeless? *
Do you live a life in fear because of multiple phobias or paranoia? *
Do you experience serious health issues? *
Do you consistently experience serious financial issues? *
Do you know of any of your ancestors who committed murder? *
Do you know of any of your ancestors who committed suicide? *
Do you know of any of your ancestors who committed any sexual act that is not normal? *
Do you commit immoral or illegal acts? *
Do you indulge in self-abusive behavior? (anorexia, bulimia, cutting or self-mutilation) *
Have you experienced life-changing trauma from which you haven't recovered *
Do voices tell you to commit illegal acts? *
Do voices tell you to blaspheme God? *
Do voices tell you to indulge in immoral acts? *
Do you visit swinger clubs? *
Have you been emotional or physical abuse by your biological or adopted parents? *
Have you been emotionally or physically abandoned by either biological parent? *
Have you failed repeatedly in significant relationships? *
Have you felt repeated, disabling episodes of depression? *
Have you failed to experience trust and lasting love from a significant other? *
Are you a Christian? *
Are you significantly hindered in prayer, worship, Bible reading and church attendance? (mind wondering, finding excuses not to attend church) *
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