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Are you a birth worker of color in New Jersey (or surrounding areas)? Do you support families of color? Or do you provide a service geared towards natural living? We are looking to build our resources to connect our members with companies that or own by or run by people of color. We will also accept businesses that are looking to support or already support families of color and other diverse (or marginalized) groups.

Please provide the below information to be considered for our Resources List. We will contact you for further details. Select companies will also be highlighted on our blog.

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Families for Equity is an interactive membership based community aimed at lifting the voices of families of color. We provide a platform for the sharing of support and educational resources around issues of conscious and natural parenting practices, and social justice. Members seek and provide support through organized meet ups, play based activities, field trips, and an online forum. Please describe how your organization fits in to our mission. *
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