The pill, periods, and other TMI
Everyone has their own story when it comes to PMS, pills, and other contraceptive methods. But a recurring theme amongst all women seems to be one of "I'm so confused!" or "What is wrong with me?". We think that the first step in getting clarity is to expand our understanding of women's unique relationships with their female hormones. Your response will be ANONYMOUS (unless you are cool with us contacting you later for further research). This survey should only take 1-2 minutes. We are deeply thankful for your help in illuminating our quest to finding better femhealth options! <3
Hi, how old are you?
Sorry for being rude, but let's get straight to it: how would you describe the regularity of your periods?
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Are you currently on the pill?
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If yes, how long have you been on the pill? (Enter in years; "0" if not on the pill)
If you are on the pill currently or were in the past -- when you first got on the pill, was it solely for contraception or for other reasons (i.e. tame acne, irregular/heavy periods, ovarian cysts, etc.)? If 'other', briefly explain the reason.
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Do you currently, or have you in the past, experienced any of the following "PMS symptoms"? (Select all that you experienced on a regular basis, or at least once in the last 3 months, before and/or during your periods)
Were you or are you on the pill when experiencing these symptoms?
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Did you ever relate these "PMS symptoms" to the pill?
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If not, what did you attribute these symptoms to?
After experiencing these symptoms, did you continue to stay on the pill (and/or switch to another brand/formula), or go off the pill completely?
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If you are not on the pill currently (or when you were not on the pill for a period of time), what contraceptive method do you use? (Select all that apply.)
Did you know that of the alternatives listed out in the previous question, the first six are ‘hormonal contraceptives’, meaning that they suppress your natural hormonal cycle by overriding it with synthetic hormones?
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Are you aware of the potential long-term negative side effects of the pill & other hormonal contraceptives? (i.e. nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut and other gut dysbiosis issues, increased risk for autoimmune diseases / certain cancers, disruption of thyroid function and adrenal health, difficulty conceiving, etc.)
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Have you experienced or heard of "post-birth control syndrome"?
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After learning about the long-term negative side effects of hormonal contraceptives, how interested are you in learning about nonhormonal alternatives?
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Very Interested
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Do you currently use a period tracker? If so, which one do you use?
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How much do you trust the period tracker / how accurate has it been in your experience?
Don't trust at all
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Are you familiar with the ‘sympto-thermal charting’ method (i.e. daily temperature and cervical mucus check)?
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If you are charting or have in the past, please explain your experience:
If you are not familiar with sympto-thermal charting, how would you describe your level of interest to learn and try it?
Not interested
Very interested
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If you said you have no interest in trying or have quit doing it - what is the reason? (Select all that apply).
Thank you for completing our survey and taking an advancing step toward finding answers around femhealth! If you have more to share about your experience with hormonal contraceptives and/or sympto-thermal charting, and open to talking to us again, please leave your email address below. If you prefer to keep your answers to the survey anonymous, but still want to be included in subsequent studies, then send us a clean email at
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