CSQIEP LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program - Mentee Preferences Form
Thank you for signing up as a mentee for CSQIEP's new LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program! The program at this stage seeks to match mentees, who are Ph.D. students, will be Ph.D. students by Fall 2020, or are junior faculty/researchers/economists, with mentors who are more senior. We are not currently accepting applications from Masters or undergraduate students, or pre-docs, for mentoring, but we may do so in the future.

Please complete the questions below so that we have information about you so that we can best match you, given our constraints, with a mentor.

***Before completing this form,*** please read the following mentor and mentee contract document here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MxxAQEPHRa6soKzFMOI9L5rJnecYVNre/view?usp=sharing

You are required to confirm that you agree to the contract before you can successfully complete the form. if you have questions or concerns about the contract, please contact us before completing this form.

If you are also interested in being a mentor (e.g., you are junior faculty and could mentor a PhD student) then please also complete the mentor form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmYeVQoW38N313OyUI3v3mW9cXJOLTJF3-r7fZaGfiD0qfIw/viewform?usp=sf_link

The only individuals who will have access to the mentor and mentee data from these forms are Nick Papageorge, Patrick Button, and possibly a research assistant. We will ensure that the data is handled securely.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at lgbtq.plus.econ.mentoring@gmail.com.


Patrick Button and Nicholas Papageorge
(on behalf of the CSQIEP Steering Committee)
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What is your name?
What are your preferred gender pronouns? Select all that apply
What is your current position(s)? Select all that apply. *
How do you identify? Please select all that apply and/or fill in the "other" option. You can also choose the "prefer not to disclose" option. *
What are your fields of study/research/interest? Please list all that apply. For those in narrower fields, selecting related or secondary fields as well may help us better match you. Early-stage students should select what they are leaning towards. *
In determining the best match for you, we need to balance a match based on field/career aspirations, and a match based on LGBTQ+ status or other demographic characteristics. For example, some mentees may prioritize field more in this match, while others would prioritize having a mentor who understands LGBTQ+ issues. As a first question to determine this weighting for you, please indicate how much weight you'd assign to matching based on field/career aspirations versus matching based on LGBTQ+ status or demographic issues. Select a number from 1 to 5, where 1 would be putting all the weight on field/career fit, and 5 would be putting all the weight on LGBTQ+ fit. A score of 3 suggests an equal balance.
Match entirely based on my field/career aspirations
Match entirely based on my preferences regarding the LGBTQ+ status or experience of the mentor.
Clear selection
To what extent do you require your mentor to be from your particular demographic background, or be from a related background? Do you, for example, need a mentor of the same gender, sexual orientation, or a mentor who is trans or nonbinary? Please discuss these needs below. If you have no strong preferences here then please note that. Note that we may not be able to completely fulfill any requests.
On a related note, to what extent would you be ok with having an ally as a mentor? An ally would be defined here as someone who supports LGBTQ+ people and likely has some awareness of LGBTQ+ issues but is not an expert and is usually not LGBTQ+ themselves.
Clear selection
What background would be ideal for your mentor, in terms of their field or job position? Describe below.
Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions on how to best match you with a mentor? Any other suggestions for us?
Finally, please confirm that you have read and agree to the mentor and mentee contract document here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MxxAQEPHRa6soKzFMOI9L5rJnecYVNre/view?usp=sharing If you have important questions or concerns about this, then please contact us before completing this form. *
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