ArtHaus Local Artist Gift Shop Application
The ArtHaus Gallery is at 107 West Broadway in Decorah. The new building offers on-site parking, more visibility, and a larger space for a permanent local artists gift shop. We would love for you to be a part of this shop. The kick-off gallery shop opening will be Friday, Dec 6. From Dec 6 - Dec 21 we will be open 1-5 Monday-Saturday.

Because the gift shop will now be a feature of ArtHaus not an event we will be charging rent, rather than an entry fee. Rent for December will be $50. We will again offer the opportunity to trade rent for working at the counter for 4 hours. A commission of 30% will apply to all purchases. Please price your items to make up for this difference as well as to include tax. You will be 100% in charge of your collection of sales tax (7% in Iowa) and paying them at the end of the year. For example if you had an item you sell for $1, you should add 30¢ for commission and 7¢ for tax, making your item $1.37.

Should you like to continue stocking the gallery throughout the year we will charge $25 per month from January - March during our pilot season and reevaluating this in April. Again 4 hour work shifts can be traded for rent monthly.

The amount of space that you will be renting is approximately 30 square feet.

We will be setting up the store the week leading up to Dec 6 and you will be free to restock your merchandise at any time during store hours.

As an observation from last years holiday shop- the most frequently bought items were about $20-$35 in price as this is what several people use as their gift amount per person. Not that people didn't spend more.

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