Temple Distant Event Proposal
Temple students and ministeres often help support the Temple of Witchcraft by creating and staffing a informational and/or fundraising table at various community events local to them, to help promote the Temple and their own community work. 

Do you wish to host a Temple of Witchcraft informaton or fundraising table at a communtiy event such as a Pagan Pride, Pagan Picnic, Festival or Convention? Then please fill out this form for approval and receive approval prior to making plans with this distant event coordinators. 

If approved, we will list your presence at the event upon the Temple of Witchcraft's official website calender and various social media as appropriate.

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Are there fees associated with the event and, if so, are you providing the fee as a donation to the Temple, or asking the Temple to pay the necessary fee(s)? *
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What support material(s) do you need from the Temple for this event? *
Please check all that apply. At this time, that Temple cannot support all requests for events with all items requested. We cannot support infrastructure, such as table, tents, chairs or tarps. The Virgo lead minister will inform you what products for mechandise sale, if any, are available for the event. We ask that all items be returned to the Temple Office, along with the mailing list of names gathered for the event, in a prompt manner. Any products lost or damaged will be charged to the applicant.
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