Jan 16, 4pm-6pm Wellness Wednesday $15
Description: Wellness Wednesday is a precursor for the Integrative Wellness Expo that will be along place at the co op on January 26th. Each week Lissa will be changing the educational curriculum of what you’ll be learning.

Body -movement is medicine (being a yoga mat)
Mind - breathe is life (prana is universal life force)
Spirit- guided meditation to teach you how to check in with your body and balance your chakras
Art - Make and Take - the first week we will be making a chakra balancing stone

Supplies provided: stones, chain.
Supplies you need to bring: yoga mat

Instructor: Lissa

PRICE: $15.00

Location: Littlewood Co-Op 1480 S 2nd Ave in Yuma, Az

*Fill out one form for each person attending

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