Safe Guarding Concern Form
Please complete this form if you have become aware of any issue at the Red Kite School of Thai & Kickboxing, that leads you to believe the safety of a child or vulnerable person could be at risk.

Please fill out as many details as possible. The cheif Safe Guarding Officer will reply directly to you by email to explain that the information has been received and to explain what action will be taken.

Please be as honest and as frank as possible. The matter will be dealt with using the most appropriate method deemed suitable for the level of concern and with as much discretion as is possible.

PLEASE NOTE that this form will record your email address as we would like to be able to respond to your concerns and explain our plans to help resolve the issue. All concerns will be treated with the relevant degree of confidentiality and will be taken seriously.

If you are a young person who attends the gym and you do not feel safe divulging information directly to the safe guarding officer or if you would simply wish to remain anonymous, please call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 or visit this link: They will be able to approach the gym without relvealing your details.

If your concern invloves an immediate risk of serious harm to a child please ring the police on either 101 or 999 .

Many thanks
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