Pathways to Family Peace Videoconference Domestic Violence Program Referral Form
Please answer all questions that are marked required. If you do not know the answer, please write not applicable.
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Potential Client Information
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Is the client currently on probation or parole? *
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Pathways to Family Peace is required by statute in the state of Minnesota to contact all victims of clients who are court ordered to attend a domestic abuse program. Please provide the following information for that purpose:
Name of Victim: *
Phone Number for Victim:
Street Address for Victim:
City, State and Zip-code for Victim:
Referral Type: *
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Date that client must make initial contact by: *
Has the client attended a domestic violence program before? *
If you answered yes, when and where?
Has the client been referred to a chemical dependency program in the past or are currently enrolled in one? *
If you answered yes, when and where?
Does the client have a history of mental illness or cognitive challenges that the group facilitators should be aware of? *
If you answered yes, please explain:
Is the client employed? *
Does the client have children living in their home or biological children of their own? *
If you answered yes, how many biological children or number of children living in the home?
Was a domestic violence risk assessment conducted on this client? *
If a risk assessment for domestic violence was completed, such as the ODARA, please list the ODARA score and a brief description regarding risk for lethality and/or re-abuse:
Is there currently an order for protection (OFP), Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO) or any other court order in place restricting your contact with the victim? *
If you answered other, please explain:
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