2019 GCFI Workshop to Improve the Monitoring and Abundance Estimation of Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations (FSAs)
Pre-workshop information gathering
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In what capacity are you involved with fisheries management? (Check all that apply.)
Are you involved with monitoring or management of fish spawning aggregations in your area? If yes, please briefly describe the activities.
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How are data collected from spawning aggregations used to inform management in your country or region?
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Do you use integrated technologies for sampling or surveying fish populations and or fish spawning aggregations? (Check all that apply; if currently none, please mark which approaches would you be most interested in learning more about.)
What do you perceive are the major gaps in the data required for, or data analysis to support, managing fish spawning aggregations? Please select your top two.
Please tell us what you hope to achieve from this workshop.
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