2019 Merrick County Fair - Market Livestock Premium Auction
This form is for youth (or their designated parent/club leader) to fill out to participate in the Livestock Premium Auction on Wednesday. You need to fill this out the day of your show, so the Extension Office can put the program together on Tuesday early evening. Programs will go to print at that time, and be emailed to the donors.

You will need to fill out this sheet for each animal you are taking through the auction. When you are finished, it will ask you if you need to "submit another response". Simply say yes if you have another animal you know you would like to take through the auction.

What is the FIRST/LAST name of the 4-H/FFA MEMBER? *
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Which specie are you planning on taking through the auction? *
What is the official weight in pounds of animal (as listed in the show program)?
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What is the animal's ear tag #? For hogs the Paint # (Write "Pen of 3" if selling broilers, or tattoo # if selling a rabbit) *
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Mark the sex of the animal
What placing did this animal get in the show?(mark the highest award received) *
If this animal received any champion or reserve champion, mark it here!
First & Last Name of Person filling this out. *
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Cell Phone # of person filling this out (include area code) *
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Is this animal available to buy for the meat after the auction? If yes, mark 'packer'. If no, then mark 'state fair'. Traditionally, most buyers do not want to truly buy your animal. Once in a while, someone will want to buy your animal to butcher. If this happens, they will approach you AFTER the sale, and you will negotiate with them. *
If you receive more than one "championship" designation in a specie, you can choose for the 2nd animal to go through the sale and all proceeds go to the 4-H Foundation of Merrick County. If the animal you marked above fits this criteria, then check the box below. You will be given a sheet for to sign stating your permission also.
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