Digital Exhibition Roles
Editor (1 needed)
Works with Professor Sassin and class to define the goal of the exhibit
Coordinates teams of content writers
Ensures writing style, tone, and content is consistent across teams
Arranges content appropriately on the Waypoints sidebar (in consultation with Content Writers & Digital Exhibition Designers)
Writes introduction to exhibit and “how-to” guide

Project Manager (1)
Creates a workplan and timeline for the completion of the digital exhibit (with Professor Sassin & Alicia Peaker)
Ensures deadlines are met
Liaises between Alicia, Shel, and students working on the project
Gets solid grip on Neatline platform and is first contact for technical questions
Sets up the Omeka site with info about the class (with Professor Sassin)

Digital Exhibition Designers (3)
Collaboratively (with class & museum employees) create style guide for digital exhibit font, color pallette, and other design choices
Transfer content & digital assets to digital exhibit
Ensure consistency of design across exhibit

Digital Curators (2)
Identify appropriate digital assets (e.g. photographs) for use in exhibit
Document licensing and other metadata information of assets
Work with Content Writers and Digital Exhibition Designers to ensure quality of asset management

Content Writers (12)
In teams of 2, research a selected site/object;
Write any necessary titles, subtitles, captions, or descriptions
Write digital exhibit label for your site/object
Collaborate with Digital Curators to ensure appropriate digital assets are matched with your content

Copy Editors (8)
Reviews all written content for spelling or grammatical errors, inconsistencies in points of view, pronoun usage, etc.
Fact checks all dates, locations, people

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