GunLamps v2 Floor Lamps interest form October 2020.
Sadly all of our Floor GunLamps just sold out.

However, we're just about to start new production on the newly improved and highly anticipated v2 design of our new Floor GunLamps. (see shop GunLamps for reference pictures on our website,

If you're interested in one for your home/man cave, please use this form below to sign up on the new interest/waiting list:

AND IF YOU WANT, please indicate if you're interested in paying a small deposit to get yours first and guaranteed as they sell out fast. (Delivery time 50-60 days roughly)
Email address *
Whats is your full name? *
Which new v2 Floor GunLamp or Paper Holder model are you interested in? *
Would you be interested in paying a deposit to reserve your new v2 Gun Floor lamp or Gun Paper holder in this next production run? (production time 50-60 days approximately and fully refundable at any time). *
Is it OK for us to Email you a PayPal deposit invoice if you have indicated you would like to pay a deposit (fully refundable at at any time) to guarantee and secure yours? *
What new GunLamp design would you like to see in the future from these options? (Pick your top 3)
Any questions for us?
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