Parent Survey
This anonymous survey has been sent to parents of 4th graders thru 12th graders. It's our hope that as a church we can partner with parents through the phases of a teens life, because we know that it's hard to keep up in this digital age. The information collected will help us know how to support you better as a ministry. Our plan is to create workshops throughout the year to share what we are learning about student culture and equip the parents when possible with helpful information and tools.
How many children do you have? *
What is the grade of your oldest child? *
Have you had conversations with your child about sex? *
If not, what concerns do you have about starting that conversation? (mark all that apply)
If you did already start the conversation, have you followed up after the initial conversation?
Did you talk about puberty? *
Did you talk about Pornography? *
Have you had conversations about LGBTQ? *
What questions do you have about the teen culture in 2019 as it relates to sex? *
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Does your child have a cell phone? *
Does your child have an ipad or computer? *
How aware are you about what your child is viewing on their devices? *
Very Unaware
Very Aware
Have you implemented a parental control software to monitor what your child is viewing? *
Does your child have their device(s) in their rooms at night? *
Does your child have social media accounts? *
Did you know that often times the way that the teens are communicating is through direct message services where the content disappears? *
Do you know what a "Juul" is? *
Do you have any other questions, thoughts, or comments about these topics that would help us partner with you better as you raise your teens?
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Does this sound like an event that would be helpful to you as you raise your teenager/s? *
Do you think if your schedule allows that you will make it to the first "Parentology" event? *
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