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Nomination Process
Nominations are accepted on a continuing basis and must be submitted by PSU faculty. For full consideration, nominations should be submitted before Oct 1st (for the Spring) and before July 1st (for the Fall). Depending on availability of time slots, nominees will be chosen based on their broad interest, schedule constraints, funding constraints, and the desire to achieve a balance in terms of diversity of speakers and topics.

We ask that you confirm a potential interest from the nominee before nomination. You will be contacted after the dates above (or sooner, if appropriate) with the results. Donna will then work with you and the nominee on finding an appropriate time.

For any organizational questions, please contact Donna McMinn <dlp18@psu.edu>
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Limited amount of funding is available to support invited speaker travel and accommodation expenses, through various sources. The programs you specify below will consider funding the speaker.
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Host Responsibilities for Invited Speakers
For CBIOS and CCBB funded speakers, we usually organize a lunch prior to the seminar where the speaker meets with graduate students. We pay for this meal. For CBIOS funded speakers, we ask that, as the host, you provide for other meals (or perdiem if applicable) for the speaker. For CCBB funded speakers, we ask the same, but in case you have limited funds, please inquire and we might be able to assist.

If you would like we can assist you with filing the expenses. Please provide the relevant budget numbers when submitting your receipts. We would like it if you could introduce your speaker with a few phrases at the beginning of the seminar. If you are unable to do so please let us know in advance.

If you would like a schedule to be arranged for your speaker, we will ask you to provide a list of names and contact information for the people that you would like the speaker to meet. We will contact you at least two weeks in advance of the arrival date so an itinerary can be provided to the guest one week in advance of their PSU visit. We will contact your speaker to obtain required PSU documentation as soon as the invitation is extended.

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