"Black Lives Matter" Storytelling Scholarship
This form is to indicate your willingness to provide a scholarship for a black individual to enjoy an upcoming Mac & Cheese Productions℠ Virtual Storytelling Class at no cost to them. The cost to YOU, magnanimous donor, is $365.00. Some companies have been matching individual gifts; would yours?! If yes, please share this with them!

Many scholarships have already been gifted. Depending on class interest level and number of donors, Head Cheese-It Saya may come knocking at your door to collect. Scholarships are rolling so this form will remain open as will the scholarship self-nomination form.

If you'd like to be a potential gifter, fill out below and if the opportunity arises, Saya will be in touch. Thank you for being so generous to even consider such a substantial and powerful gift!

CLASS DETAIL: https://macncheeseproductions.com/offering/storytelling-class/
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If you chose "other" above, can you share how? This helps a small business understand and realize its reach. The more specific the better! "My friend's Instagram share" "Your ex student Kelly told me about it" etc.
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