2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair Workshop Suggestions
Who do you want to see present / talk / appear in the 2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair workshop program?

The 2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair organizing collective have brainstormed a set of topics / themes we would like to see covered in the workshop / panel program. We have an estimated 15 spots in the program for workshops, panels, debates and alike.

We're looking for your suggestions on potential speakers / presenters / panelists etc. Please feel free to submit this form as many times with as many different suggestions as you want.
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Nominate a person / group that you would like to see host a workshop / contribute to a panel / etc.
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The organizing collective has developed a short list of topics / themes we would like to be able to address in the workshop program. We are particularly keen for suggestions / nominations for speakers to address the following topics. Space in the workshop program is limited, at the moment our priority is the find good speakers / presenters for the topics marked with an asterix, but all other suggestions are also welcome and will definitely be considered.
If topic not above, please describe
Why do you think this person would be good on this topic?
Any details you can provide are greatly appreciated.
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