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Hello! Welcome to Intuitive Athlete Nutrition. Our coaching services are specifically geared towards female athletes who have overcome (or are currently overcoming) disordered eating and/or an eating disorder.

If you cannot track macros without resorting to old disordered eating habits but you still want to get strong and fuel your athletic performance, you might be a candidate for Intuitive Eating coaching.

The main focus of Intuitive Athlete Nutrition is to teach you how to intuitively eat so that you don't have to rely on your coach for an eternity. You will learn the principles of Intuitive Eating, how to incorporate these principles into your life as an athlete, and how to adjust food based on how you are recovering during training. It is a lot different than most intuitive eating methods since most methods are not solely focused on strength athletes.

At Intuitive Athlete Nutrition, we want you to be at peace with your food, but also absolutely crush it in the gym.

After you have filled out the document below, I will send you a link to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

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