Project Intrapreneurship (PINTRA)
'Building a graduate employment guarantee model - Create your own job'

The PINTRA 4 is a model which aims to create an innovative needs driven research and development model. The PINTRA Consortium consists of a number of partners (SMEs, social enterprises, universities, business start-ups, etc) from over 25 countries. Through the PINTRA Consortium partners are supported to make submissions for funding and R and D calls.

The PINTRA model includes a raft of project across different sectors: Aquaponchise - SMART Cities, Green Growth, Agri-innovation, etc; Cultauriture – Heritage and culture, cultural entrepreneurship, etc.; Employability 4 World - youth employment, refugee integration, 4th Industrial revolution skills development, digital contracting, etc. League of Fitness 4 Physical Education in Schools (Lof4PE)/3rd Age/Youth – Health Innovation; Refugee and Radicalisation – skills development, etc.; Sports and the World of Work – Sports Management and Career development; STEM 3.0 Futures (submitted Erasmus+ 28 Feb and 30 April) - futurology, career development, etc.; Work based Learning – employability, hospitality and tourism.

If your university, institute, centre, SME, social enterprise wishes to become part of the PINTRA Consortium please complete the form below and we will add you to the PINTRA Basecamp.

NB NB - We will NEVER share your email address beyond the PINTRA Consortium. However, please note that on the PINTRA Basecamp email addresses are visible to all PINTRA partners.
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