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Nissa Ramsay, Think Social Tech, has set up the #techforgoodmavensandmavericks slack team for freelance and independent consultants actively working with not for profits (broadly) in the UK social tech /tech for good space. It's for researchers, strategists, advisors, connectors, data and evaluator people working across the sector - to come together and work more collectively and collaboratively. It seems to be particularly useful for those who want to feel part of a community whilst working solo, including those just starting out as freelance having left paid Tech for Good type jobs. We mostly share experiences, opportunities and sector news.

It's intended for those active in tech for good consultancy work (i.e. not just to learn more about it) and it's not for commissioners, digital agencies, developers, charities, skills or support (head to Digital Charities Slack for this). It's primarily UK focused (but don't worry if you live/consult outside the UK).

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Your details will only be used for the purposes of joining and informing the development of this Slack group, unless you specify below that you are happy for these to be shared with the members and potential clients looking to commission work. They can be deleted at any time on request. Inactive members will also be deleted annually. Those who leave the fold to get paid employment will be considered on a case by case basis!

Thanks for your interest and joining us!
Nissa and co.
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I am an independent consultant, freelancer, sole trader type (or a social enterprise, co-op or b-corp with less than 3 employees) embedded in the Tech for Good / Data 4 Good space, undertaking strategy, policy, sector type research, design and delivery to benefit not-for-proft sector
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