2019 PHS Senior Yearbook Survey & Quotes!
Please submit your senior survey and quote for the 2019 yearbook. If you choose not to submit a quote, the space for your quote will only read "Class of 2019." (NOTE: Inappropriate, vulgar, or profane submissions will NOT be accepted for publication. ADMINISTRATION makes the final determination of quote acceptability.) QUOTES are DUE by NOVEMBER 25!
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List activities, sports, clubs, or jobs you were involved with while at PHS & the grades you participated &/or any offices held. Ex. V. Volleyball (11, 12, captain), Art Club (9), Publix cashier (12), Homecoming float decorating (10) *
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What's on your Bucket List? What are THREE goals/places to visit and/or things you wish to accomplish in your lifetime. (Ex. 1. Go to Rome 2. Earn my PhD 3. Write a book) *
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What is one thing that most your classmates still don't know about you, such as, a hidden talent, a life changing experience, or a unique ability? *
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What past trend or fad are you most embarrassed about being a part of? *
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Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be…” *
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On average, how much time does it take you to get ready for school? *
Which local pizza place is your favorite? *
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Thank you for completing your 2019 PHS Senior Survey! If you want to revise your response later, log back in with the same email. (NOTE: No changes can be made after the Due Date of Nov. 25.)
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