Escape the Library!
A virtual escape room created by the Somerset Public Library
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Curiosity Killed the Cat
The Somerset Public Library has a beautiful new addition built!  Unfortunately thanks to the pandemic, the loving public hasn't gotten to see much of this new space.  But not you!  You want to walk its halls, maybe flip through a couple of books and take in that new book smell.  You want this so badly, in fact, that you decide you've got to get in by any means necessary.

Luckily, you know someone on the inside.  Mr. Daniel, the Youth Services Librarian, might just let you in.  You call him.  He's skeptical at first, but eventually agrees to give you a private tour of the library.  You meet him outside, and see that he's worn a bright red bow tie, because bow ties are cool.

"We can't go in through the main doors, otherwise the security cameras will see us," Mr. Daniel says, leading you around the building by the dumpsters. "However... there's a secret entrance back here.  I use it to sneak out in the middle of my shift to go get Subway."

Okay, weird... you didn't think the building had security cameras OR a secret entrance.  But you follow him back behind the trash bins, and lo and behold, you find a vent leading into the building.

"After you!" Mr. Daniel says, adjusting his bow tie.  You follow his instructions, just barely able to fit into the vent. "Just watch for the drop!" He calls after you, and then lets out what can only be described as an evil laugh. "Mwahaha!"

"What was that?" You ask.  But a second later, you find that the floor has vanished from under you, and you fall into a dark room.  The sound of Mr. Daniel's evil laughter fades to nothingness.

Uh oh.  You've been tricked.  Now you're stuck inside the library, and have to find your way out!
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