Mahabaleshwar Ride • 31 Oct - 01 Nov 2020
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Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions:        • Advance Booking amount is Non-Refundable.                                                      • If the Rider/ Pillion withdraws from the tour in the middle due to any circumstances, no amount will be refunded.                     IMPORTANT NOTES:                           1. Once with the group no individual will be allowed to leave the trip early unless a valid reason which will be reviewed by the group lead.                                          2. Due to Covid-19 scenario, it's mandatory for all the riders and pillion riders to wear a mask, carry sanitisers, cover their mouths while sneezing/coughing.                 3. In case of feeling of any kind of sickness, kindly abort the ride.      4. YO! LET'S RIDE won’t be responsible for any Covid Virus exposure during the ride.                5. The organisers will not be liable to any assistance at any hospital in case of any accidents.                     6. It's mandatory for all participants to ride with complete riding gears, like knee guard, elbow guard, a thick riding jacket, ISI or DOT certified helmet, riding gloves (must cover fingers), closed shoes.                                        7. Helmet, jacket and closed shoes are Compulsory for Pillion as well.                     8. Riders who have registered and who do not carry their gears will not be allowed to ride and their registration amount will not be refunded.                                                9. Every rider is requested to stay with the group while riding and maintain an average speed of 60 – 80 Kmph, reaching the destination early is not going to fetch you any award or recognition.                      10. Last but not the least, Riders are requested to keep in mind & thoroughly understand that this event is purely an adventurous ride and not any kind of race.        11. In case of loss of materials and personal things, management is not responsible for the same, hence riders are requested to take care of their belongings.                 12. While we take utmost care of our safety, in case a rider does meet with an accident which results in loss of life of the rider, third party damage by the rider and/ or loss of the bike, YO! LET'S RIDE will be not responsible for any claims or complaints.               13. Attendees need to manage and take care of their own alcohol requirements, organisers won't be responsible for any loss or misplacements. *
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