Infinity Ventures Summit 2019 Winter Bangkok LaunchPad Application
We are looking for companies/individuals to pitch on IVS 2019 Bangkok LaunchPad stage.

The review of LaunchPad is a three-stage review.
1⃣️The first screening is document review. About 25 to 30 companies can proceed to the next stage.
2⃣️The second screening will be a 30-minute meeting in Taipei, or online meeting. About 12 to 18 companies can proceed to the final selection.
3⃣️The final selection will be also a 30-minute meeting in Taipei, or online meeting, and to serve as a rehearsal for the event there.
The 12 finalists will be chosen to present onstage at IVS Bangkok LaunchPad on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.

1⃣️The first document review deadline is 11/1 (Fri).
2⃣️The second screening is 11/11 (Mon).
3⃣️The final selection is 11/14 (Thurs) & 11/15 (Fri).
IVS LaunchPad is 12/4 (Wed).
※IVS is a three-day event held in 12/2 (Mon) - 12/4 (Wed)

- Past IVS Launch Pad presentations videos

- IVS LaunchPad Experience Interview Video
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