APW Athletics Student Participation Survey
The purpose of this survey is to determine student interest in athletics. This survey will be administered to students in grades 7-12. Please take time to read through all questions carefully and answer them seriously and to the best of your ability. The information obtained will help the athletic department make decisions regarding its program.
1. What grade are you in? *
2. Gender? *
3. Do your parents encourage you to participate in extra-curricular (after school) activities? *
4. Do your teachers/administrators encourage you to participate in extra-curricular activities? *
5. Do you currently participate in a sport(s)?
Yes, I play sports!
6. How many school sports do you currently play?
7. What sport(s) do you participate in? Check all that apply.
8. Why do you participate in sports? (Check all that apply)
9. Were you introduced to sports at an early age? (Before 7th grade)
10. How satisfied are you with your playing experience?
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
11. How would you rate your coaches performance in regards to knowledge?
12. How would you rate your coaches performance in regards to like-ability?
13. How committed are you to your sport during the season?
Not committed (miss practices and games regularly)
Very committed (Never miss a day)
14. How committed are you to the sport(s) you play during the off season?
Not committed (no off season involvement)
Very committed (attend private lessons, independent leagues, camps, clinics)
15. Do you specialize in one sport only?
16. If so, why?
Your answer
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No, I don't play sports.
17. Why do you choose not to participate in school athletics? (Check all that apply)
18. How much knowledge do you have about our athletics program?
I didn't know we had an athletics program
I know everything there is to know about our athletics program
19. Were you introduced to sports an an early age? (Before 7th grade)
20. How likely would you have been to participate in a sport if it was introduced to you at an early age?
Not likely at all
Very likely
21. Are you open to trying a sport?
22. If you were going to play a sport, what sport(s) would you be interested in playing? (check all that apply)
23. Have you played an organized sport(s) in the past?
I used to play sports.........
24. If yes, what sport(s) have you participated in?
Your answer
25. Why are you no longer playing a sport(s)? (Check all that apply)
Last Question!
Thank you for participating in this Survey. Your feedback will help the Athletic Department improve its programs.
26. Is there anything you think that would create more interest for students to play a sport at APW?
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