Paschal HS Choir Contract
I understand the following:

(1) My child is enrolling in choir at Paschal H.S. This will require commitment and dedication in class, as well as some before school, after school and evening time.

(2) Choir is an activity that requires both ability and effort. Every student who gives effort will be given a place in a choral group. However, the specific group to which each student is assigned is based on current ability, which is determined by audition. A student's age, number of years of experience, or seniority has no impact on determining their placement.

(3) Students will be expected to attend all concerts throughout the school year. Out-of-school choir events are part of the choir grade.

(4) Students who miss rehearsals or performances, fail to practice their music, or are habitually ineligible, may be removed from their choir, at the directors’ discretion.

(5) Students in the Panther Chorale will be expected to audition for the 2018 Texas All-State Choir.

(6) The judges will work on a 120-point scale: 80 points for the musical performance and 40 points for sight-reading.

(7) Concert group assignments will be posted at after 8 a.m. on May 27th. Singers who are selected to Panther Chorale, Vox, and the Treble Pop/Acapella group will have summer commitments to be announced; singers will need to be present for these commitments.

(8) Students who sing in either Panther Chorale or Chamber Singers will be expected to gain at least one audition credit (TMEA and/or Solo UIL) by spring break, or risk losing their membership.

(9) Students will be expected to fully adhere to the 2017-2018 PHS Choir Civil Code, without question or complaint.

(10) Questions can be emailed to Mr. Benavides at

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