1-Month Framework Migration Challenge
Do you want to migrate your old framework to new one? We too, give us little details about your projects and if suits our need, we can go for it!
What city, country are you from? *
E.g. Berlin, Germany
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What framework and version do you use now? *
E.g. Zend 1
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What framework and version do you want to migrate to? *
E.g. Symfony 4.3
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How many lines of code your project has? *
If you can't measuer it, just approximately
What is your code quality?
How old is the code you want to migrate? *
E.g. 5 years
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Why should we choose you?
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We have very limited time capacity. Would you be interested in commercial cooperation? (paying clients have higher priority) *
Do you have some questions or more details? Here is your space:
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How do we contact you? Email/phone *
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What's name/website of your company?
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One last thing: would you like to try Rector CI as an early adopter?
That's all, thank you!
We'll explor all the requests and let you know in a 7 days latest!
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