IIBA Hawaii Board of Directors - 2020 Even Year Nominations
This is a time of great change in our community and for our chapter as businesses and professionals must adapt due to COVID-19. Together with the help of some great leaders to point us in the right direction we also need to ensure that we have continued analysis opportunities within our community. We hope you’ll join us to grow your career and your experience and help us build a greater and stronger community of business analysis professionals here in the Hawaiian islands.

Our only requirement for chapter leaders to be nominated is that the nominee is a member of the IIBA Hawaii Chapter in good standing. This means that you have paid your chapter membership dues and are in good standing with IIBA international and are willing to dedicate some time and energy to this profession giving us your commitment that you can see through the term elected.

To help you understand what being a chapter leader involves, or if you have any questions, please contact pastpresident@hawaii.iiba.org as we'll make sure questions are addressed and covered.
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