Great Falls Graffiti Cleanup
Climbers are partnering with the National Park Service to clean up vandalism at Great Falls...and we need YOUR help!

Recently, Great Falls has seen a significant outbreak of vandalism: nearly 30 graffiti tags have been reported along the River Trail near some of the most popular climbing areas including Aid Box (shown above). We're tracking this vandalism on a Google Map here:

Because of the distribution of the graffiti, our preferred environmentally-sensitive cleaning technique, and the necessity to maintain social distance; we are organizing a series of small (<10 person) cleanups throughout the fall. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

SIGN UP - before you show up
Due the nature of the cleaning process & the need to record participants for contact tracing, it is difficult for us to accommodate more volunteers than we've planned for. So, we really do need you to sign up on this form ahead of time... If you don't sign up we might not be able to prepare an area for you to clean & we might not have enough cleaning supplies for you to use.

Once you've signed up for one or more cleanup dates, organizers will contact you to confirm the details of that day's cleanup and that you can still make it. Please note, we may have to cancel cleanup dates due to a lack of volunteer interest, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Applying elbow grease & earning climbing karma!

Based on the count of who has signed up, organizers will be pre-treating graffiti & bringing cleaning supplies (including spray bottles, gloves, scrub brushes, and mats to collect runoff).

You'll be scrubbing/spraying the treated graffiti, and attempting to prevent any paint/chemical runoff from reaching the Potomac River.

Please arrive prepared to spend several hours at the crag. Bring any water, food, sun screen, etc you need to feel comfortable. We recommend that you wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting a bit of paint on. As we may be working close to the cliff edge, we ask that you bring your harness and helmet. Lastly, we do insist that everyone have their own mask and that you cover your nose and mouth whenever you are near other volunteers.

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Potential Cleanup Dates
Based on volunteer interest, we are tentatively hoping to hold cleanup events on a number of days throughout the fall. If we get enough volunteers for any of the dates below, we will proceed.

At the moment we are scheduling cleanups on weekdays, to avoid the weekend crowds.
Selected Dates
Please select the dates on which you are available to volunteer. (Volunteering more than once is more than welcome!)
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