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For the Sacrament of Confirmation, candidates are invited to choose the name of a saint or figure from Sacred Scripture whose example they find inspiring and whom they wish to emulate and have intercede for them. A candidate may also choose to reaffirm his or her baptismal name. The bishop will then anoint candidates using the names which they have chosen.

Beyond Canon Law requirements that a sponsor be a Confirmed, practicing Catholic, 16 years of age or older (§874), he or she should also be someone the candidate trusts and admires and to whom the candidate would feel comfortable talking about his or her faith. While he/she cannot be the candidate’s parent, he/she may be a godparent from Baptism or close relative. The sponsor is meant to accompany the candidate throughout the entire process.

Please submit this form by Friday, June 1st, 2018.

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If your sponsor is not a registered member of St. Joe, then we will need the sponsor certificate to be signed by his or her parish pastor, indicating that he or she is a Catholic in good standing with the Church and fulfills all the requirements for sponsorship. This form may be found on the parish website under "Sacraments > Confirmation".
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