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Free Milk *
I give permission for my for child to receive free milk, if they wish, each day during until he/she reaches the age of 5. After the age of 5 children entitled to free school meals can continue to have free milk. For the children over the age of 5 who are not entitled to free school meals, milk will continue to be available at the 20p per carton ( Charge may change).
Free Fruit (only for Nursery/Key Stage 1) *
I give permission for my child to be offered a free piece of fruit during the school day. I WILL LET THE SCHOOL KNOW IF MY CHILD IS ALLERGIC TO ANY FOOD
Clothing *
At some point during their time in school, children may need to have their clothing changed. This may be due to not getting to the toilet in time or perhaps by being too enthusiastic in the water tray. Children will be encouraged to change themselves as far as possible but there will always be a member of staff on hand to supervise. WE DO HOWEVER NEED YOUR PERMISSION FOR THIS TO BE CARRIED OUT.
Hair *
I give permission for the Headteacher or her representative to check my son/ daughter's hair as schools have a problem with head lice from time to time. This will help to control and minimise these problem, we will check the hair of any child we think maybe affected. This is done in a sensitive way, in private, and only if necessary, not as a matter of routine.
Plasters *
I give my permission for plasters to be used when necessary
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