TPS Kindergarten Parent/Guardian Survey - Middlebrook Elementary School
This questionnaire is designed to help us get to know your child and plan for the start of the school year. Please answer all questions you feel comfortable answering!
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What is your child's full name (first and last)? *
What does your child like to be called? *
If your child attended preschool, what preschool did he/she attend, and for how long?
If your child has received or is receiving special support or therapy, please describe the support/therapy:
If your child has received medical attention for vision/glasses, please describe:
If your child has received medical attention for ears/hearing, please describe:
Does your child speak a language other than English? If so, what language(s)?
How do you anticipate your child will adjust to Kindergarten? *
What are your child's hobbies or interests out of school? *
Please check any of the following that your child does INDEPENDENTLY.
How would you describe your child's behavior? Please check all that apply.
What are your child's strengths? *
What are your child's needs? *
What do you hope your child will gain from the Kindergarten experience? *
What are the best things you can say about your child? *
Do you have additional information about your child that you would like to discuss with the school principal? *
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