China Hash Down Island 2018/10/26-28
Book your place now and pay before 9/15 to get 700NTD discount...

Details are coming... 共多細節即將公佈

The Fee is 6300 NTD or 6000 NTD depending the room type you choose on Friday night, and you can have 700 NTD discount (5600 NTD or 5300 NTD) if you pay before 9/15...
活動費用為 6300元或 6000元,根據週五晚上的房型有所差異,如果在 9/15 之前完成付款則享有 700元的折扣。
The Fee includes hotel, bus, breakfast and dinner, beers, water, and snacks, the run & down down, shirt or Hoodie...

Bank transfer info:
China Trust
Account: 0000772540176104
Bank Code: 822
Branch Code: 0314

轉帳帳戶:中國信託 (822)

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