INTEROPen: Terms & Conditions of Membership
INTEROPen is an open collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development and implementation of open standards for interoperability in the UK health and social care ecosystem.  
The work of the INTEROPen community focuses on:
1. Data exchanges between the different care domain systems e.g. GP, acute, community, mental health, child heath, maternity, social care. These exchanges will favour structured data whenever possible, with development proposals where it is lacking.
2. The establishment and validation, both clinical and technical, of FHIR-based profiles for the exchange of granular transactional data between systems. These standards will operate alongside other standards such as CDA, which is targeted at document exchange. We work in partnership with the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) to establish FHIR profiles and CDA standards that are clinically fit for purpose.
3. Defining APIs with associated trigger events to carry the data, particularly real time requests and posts.
4. Informing the requirements for the technical governance rules, security mechanisms, and regional architectures that will be necessary to safely exchange data in an acceptable manner.
5. Running 'hackathons' to promote learning and cross-sector collaboration and to encourage the faster development and adoption of interoperable solutions across health and social care. Each hackathon addresses a particular theme or themes, and is open to all INTEROPen members. To take part in a hackathon, we request that you first become a member of INTEROPen.

Background reading:

Terms and Conditions:
INTEROPen Terms and Conditions consist of a series of statements found within this, our Joining Form. To register yourself or your organisation as a member of the INTEROPen community, you must provide the information requested herein and tick 'Yes' in response to each of the statements listed in Section 2 of this form.

In line with our culture of openness and transparency, those wishing to become a member of the INTEROPen community as an “individual”, as opposed to acting on behalf of a company/organisation, must disclose any affiliation with any care provider/IT organisation/commercial entity in Section 2 of this form.

Our Data Policy
INTEROPen's Data Policy can be found here:
INTEROPen members will receive email communications, including news of upcoming events and activities. You can manage your email preferences on our Preferences Form here:
If you would like to stop receiving emails from INTEROPen, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in our emails or by contacting us at

Primary Contacts
We invite each member organisation to nominate a Primary Contact who will act as the first contact point for activities and opportunities e.g. surveys, sponsorship of events, collaboration projects. An organisation may choose to have more than one Primary Contact. To update the Primary Contact for your organisation, please let us know at

Primary Contacts should ensure that they have ‘opted-in’ to receive all the email updates and news of upcoming events in our Preferences Form here:

Nominating members:
If you know someone who you think would like to join INTEROPen, please let us know in Section 3 of this form. When nominating an individual, please ensure you have their consent to share their email address with us for this purpose. We will only use the contact information you provide to send them an invitation to complete this form.

To join INTEROPen, please confirm your understanding and agreement to the INTEROPen Terms and Conditions outlined above and within this form by completing the form below and confirming your acceptance to the statements where requested:

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