English II Evaluation
End of 1st Semester (2019-2020)
Overall how does the Mrs. Schulte handle your class in terms of learning environment/discipline? *
Regarding classroom management, what is one issue you wish Mrs. Schulte would get under control? *
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Mrs. Schulte shows strong interest in the subject matter. *
It is apparent that Mrs. Schulte tries to determine what students get, and if they don't get it, she tries to reteach the material. *
Mrs. Schulte uses a variety of ways to teach. *
How challenging is the Mrs. Schulte? *
Which unit did you enjoy most? *
Which unit did you enjoy least? *
Which writing piece did you find most valuable? *
Which writing piece did you find least valuable? *
Almost 20% of homework and essays are not turned in. What can Mrs. Schulte do to improve the turn-in rate on homework? (Besides "not assign any" because, let's be real - that is not always possible.) *
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What are the top two interfering factors when it comes to completing homework? *
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Do you consider homework requirements for this class to be: *
Do you have a suggestion for Mrs. Schulte that cuts down on homework but doesn't take up a ton more time in class and still leads to learning the content and skills? *
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What is something Mrs. Schulte does well? *
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What is something Mrs. Schulte needs to improve? *
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If you could tell Mrs. Schulte one thing or ask her one question, what would it be? *
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