Funding application
Brighter Together is a non-for-profit organization that works exclusively with local Canadian charities to help you fund your organization’s projects. Our Brighter Together initiative invites eligible public and private charities to submit a request for funding for your next or current project. We will be accepting applications throughout the year.

Areas of Interest:

Brighter Together’s primary focus is to provide funding in the following fields:

• programs that promote healthy growth and development (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) of children and youth
• programs benefiting animals;
• programs benefiting senior citizens;
• programs benefiting Canadian Veterans;
• programs benefiting marginalized individuals, families and community well-being;
• programs that promote inclusive communities, engagement and capacity building

Eligibility Requirements and Duties of the Applicant:

• Funding is restricted to satisfy a community need for organizations located in Canada.
• Brighter Together funds projects up to $1500. This way, we can solve more practical problems
• Brighter Together does not fund religious organizations.
• Funds are not to be used for general/operational support or overhead costs.
• Brighter Together is an initiative that wishes to set a high standard or transparency. Recipients of funds must provide all funds expenditure receipts and associated information requested throughout the Project.
• Recipients must be prepared to provide a report of successful completion at the end of the Project.
• Recipients may be asked to participate in a promotional campaign for the project.

Funding Procedure:

All of our projects follow our Full Circle Approach. The Full Circle Approach is designed to inspire and drive meaningful change by solving one problem at a time.

• ABOUT - Details about the organization that BTI is assisting.
• PROBLEM - What is the problem? i.e. The shelter has been robbed several times and they need to solve a security issue.
• SOLUTION - How can we best address their problem? i.e. Look into installing cameras and a security system.
• FUND - Create a project, establish expected cost, promote to raise the funds to solve this specific problem.
• INSPIRE - Share the completion of the project. Together we helped Canada solve one problem. Inspire others to help and keep this going and growing!

Your funding proposal should include the following:

1. Project abstract should contain a concise summary of the project.
2. A statement of need that describes the problem that the project will attempt to address.
3. Include information on what will be accomplished and the desired outcome.

By completing this Form, I/we acknowledge that Brighter Together may store and use this information in order to consider providing me with grant assistance.

Note - False declarations will be deemed fraudulent, your application may be rejected, and any future applications will not be considered.

I/We declare that the information given by me/us on this form is correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge.

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