2019 IATEFL BESIG 32nd Annual Conference - Speaker Proposal Form
Thank you for wishing to submit a speaker proposal for the 2019 IATEFL BESIG 32nd Annual Conference in collaboration with the Global Issues Special Interest Group. To ensure your proposal has a higher chance of being accepted, please read the speaker guidelines thoroughly before submitting your proposal (the guidelines are available at https://besig.iatefl.org/event/32nd-iatefl-besig-berlin/ ).

The information submitted in this form will only be used by IATEFL BESIG to organise this conference and will not be disclosed to any third party or used to send unsolicited emails. For more information about how we handle your personal data, please read the IATEFL Privacy Policy (https://members.iatefl.org/downloads/member_info/IATEFL_privacy_policy_2018.pdf).

IMPORTANT: Your proposal has only been successfully submitted if you see this message: "Thank you for submitting your speaker proposal. The proposal selection team will be in touch to confirm whether or not your proposal has been successful. Notification of acceptance of proposals will take place on 25 June 2019." If you do not see this message after clicking on Submit, please go back and check that you have completed all the required fields (marked with a *).

Please confirm that you have read the speaker guidelines.
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9. Number of joint presenters *
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10. Co-presenter details
If you are doing a joint presentation, please add the full details of your co-presenter(s). This must include the first name, family name, and email address for each additional speaker.
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Please add the title of your presentation (maximum of 50 characters including empty spaces).
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12. Presentation abstract *
Please provide an abstract. This will appear in the conference programme and will help delegates choose the sessions they wish to attend. It will also be the basis of the conference organisers’ selection process. The abstract should therefore accurately reflect the content of your presentation (maximum of 500 characters).
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13. Would you like your talk to be included in the GISIG strand on tackling global challenges in the business English classroom? *
14. Presentation style *
Please indicate the style of your presentation.
15. Presentation length *
The length of the sessions will be 45 or 60 minutes. Please indicate the length you would prefer. We will try to accommodate your preference as much as possible.
16. Preferred day *
Please indicate which day you would prefer to present. We will try to accommodate your preference as much as possible, although this cannot be guaranteed.
17. Additional comments about your preferred day
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18. On behalf of *
Please indicate if you are speaking on behalf of a publisher, examination board or commercial organisation.
19. Details of organisation represented *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please give details of the publisher, examination board or commercial organisation. If you replied "No" please write N/A.
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20. Sponsor of expenses *
Please indicate if your travel or costs will be sponsored by an organisation and you would like their name to appear in the programme.
21. Intended audience *
Please indicate the intended audience.
22. Number of audience *
There are two sizes of room: small (20-50 people) or large (60-100 people). Please indicate which size of room you would prefer and we will try where possible to accommodate your preference.
23. Photos of your session *
During the conference there will be photographers taking pictures to post on our social media channels and in our publications, etc. Please indicate if you are willing to be photographed during your session.
24. Simulcast/Live-streaming *
Some of the sessions will be simulcast – please indicate whether you would be willing to be live-streamed or not. If your talk is selected for the simulcast strand, we will be in touch nearer the time with more details of how to ensure you make the best use of the technology and how to manage both those participants who are present as well as the online audience.
25. Are you a first-time IATEFL BESIG conference speaker? *
Please indicate if you are a first-time IATEFL BESIG conference presenter.
26. Biographical information *
Please provide biographical details of all the presenters (maximum of 250 characters).
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27. If you need an invitation letter, tick here.
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28. If you need an invitation letter, please fill in your full name and postal address.
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29. Additional information
If you would like to add any comments for the IATEFL BESIG Events Team please do so here.
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