Toontown Offline Team Application
Toontown Offline is looking for new talent to help develop our game. Our primary development focus is on our upcoming Operation: Seek Out Scrooge update; though any aspiring team members would not be limited to working solely on this update. If you have artistic or programming talent, feel free to apply to become part of our team! We are a friend-orientated group of people who love working on this game in our free time- we would love to see you join us. We are not looking for any new Discord moderators or any other public relations roles.
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As a Toontown Offline team member, you will never have strict deadlines or goals. Goals will be set, but it is up to each individual to try and meet them. As a volunteer project, our mindset is that you should never feel forced to work on the game. Everyone has their own obligations outside of our team, and we respect that.
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