Recreation and Sports Diversity and Inclusion Fund
The Recreation and Sports Diversity and Inclusion Fund was established at the University of Maine, Orono, Maine in 2021 with gifts from alumni, friends, and members of the UMaine Campus Recreation community.

The fund shall be used to provide support for students and/or children from the local community enrolled in UMaine Campus Recreation (or successor entity) and Maine Bound (or successor entity) programming whose socioeconomic background, prior academic or work experience, and/or educational interests would bring a unique perspective to the University of Maine community. Preference for this support shall also be given to individuals from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented at the University of Maine. The university recognizes the donors’ strong and abiding commitment to increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the students at the University of Maine and their view that increased and improved interaction across the social lines of gender, race, generation, geography and class is a key issue for the University. Accordingly, in choosing the recipients of this support, the following factors may be considered: demonstrated commitment to making a meaningful contribution to a pluralistic community and the continuation of a diverse student body; sensitivity to and understanding of racial and ethnic issues in society; commitment to learning to better communicate across the social lines of gender, race, generation, geography and class; ability to overcome educational, social or family disadvantages; academic merit and leadership potential. When funds are used to support UMaine students, the Director of Campus Recreation (or successor position) shall provide the Office of Student Financial Aid with the recipient(s)’s names, student support provided, and student expenses covered by the fund.

Should it ever become impossible or impractical to carry out the purposes of this fund as described above, an alternative purpose that best fits the donors’ intent and wishes shall be designated by the President of the University of Maine in his/her sole discretion.

Selection of the recipients shall be made by the Campus Recreation Diversity and Inclusion Committee (or successor entity). The fund shall be administered by the Director of Campus Recreation (or successor position) in consultation with the Vice President for Student Life, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence & Dean of Students (or successor position).

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