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Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet from Love Of All Dogs. Before completing our adoption application, we ask that you please review the following policies and guidelines:
* In order for an application to be approved, all dogs and cats currently owned by applicant must be indoor pets only and not chained or penned outside, must be neutered or spayed, and must be up to date with all vaccines.

* In the application below, we request names and phone numbers for a personal reference (not relatives), your current veterinarian if you are a current or recent pet owner, and your landlord if you rent. Prior to submitting your application, please let each reference know you are applying to adopt a pet and to expect a call from a LOAD representative. We will follow up will each of these references.

* Adopting a dog is a life-long commitment. It can be incredibly rewarding but involves a lot of work and additional financial responsibility. There are many resources on the internet that describe the costs and daily commitment involved. We recommend that all prospective adopters carefully consider this commitment before submitting your application, especially first-time dog owners. If you are unsure of how prepared you are for adoption, you should consider being a foster first. It is the perfect way to test run having a pet and you'd be helping an animal in need.

Thank you again for your interest in adopting one of our dogs! We promise to get you on your way to your new lives together as quickly as we can. We will do our best to follow up with your references and respond to you within 48 hours of receiving your application.
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Please list any cats, dogs, etc. who currently live in your household. Include name, type/breed, age, sex, altered or not altered, how long owned, kept where, cats declawed?*
Please list any cats, dogs, etc. who have lived in your household. Include name, type/breed, altered or not altered, how long owned, was the animal surrendered, sold, given away or kept for the entirety of its life?
Vet Name / contact info including vet phone number- You MUST give the Vet permission to disclose your records to us as soon as possible in order for us to process your application. Please provide the name the vet records are under. *
Please include everyone who lives at this residence. Please include name, age and relationship to you. Are they all in agreement about this adoption? *
Please indicate that you have read and agree with the following statement:                            Very few of the our dogs have had supervised exposure to children prior to being offered for adoption. Any dog’s behavior may change when in a new environment, and any dog may react unpredictably when startled or hurt by a child, intentionally or unintentionally. I will educate my children or other children my dog may be exposed to about appropriate behavior around dogs (such as not pulling ears, tail, poking eyes, etc), and will not leave children under the age of five unsupervised around the dog. *
Does anyone in the family have a known allergy to dogs? If yes, then what is your plan for managing the allergy? *
Who will be responsible for the care of this dog? *
Residence Type: *
If you rent, please provide name and phone number of landlord *
Do you have a terrace or yard? If so, is the area fenced? *
Do you have a pool? If yes, is it fenced? How would you introduce a dog to a pool? *
Please provide the name and phone number for personal reference that we may contact (NOT a family member) *
How much do you think you will spend yearly for the care of your dog including vet care, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, vaccines, food, toys, and bedding? *
Are you willing and financially able to spend the necessary amount to properly care for your new dog? *
If the new pet becomes ill or injured, are you financially prepared to provide medical care? If yes, is there a maximum amount you would be able or willing to spend for your pet’s need? *
Where will the dog be kept while you are at home? Inside or outside? What space will be available for him/her? (Patio, living room, bedrooms, etc.) *
Will there be someone at home during the day? If not, how many hours will the dog be left alone? *
Where will the dog be kept when alone? *
Where will your new dog sleep at night? *
Which, if any, rooms or yards will be off limits to your new pet? *
What types of activities do you plan to engage in with him/her? (Walks, car rides, beach day etc.) *
How much time and how often will you exercise him/her? *
Will the dog be allowed on the furniture? If not, how will you get the dog off the furniture if she/he does jump up there? *
Are you familiar with positive methods (no hitting) of dog training? *
Do you understand that your new dog may develop issues as it adjusts to your home? *
Do you understand that this dog is not guaranteed to be house trained? *
Will you tolerate housebreaking accidents, chewing, or barking/whining? *
What steps would you take to resolve any of these behavioral issues? *
Additionally, what issues would you NOT tolerate if any? *
If necessary, would you be willing to attend obedience sessions at your own expense? *
What would you do if the dog grew bigger than expected? *
What would you do if it showed people or animal aggression? What about separation anxiety? How would you handle EACH one of these situations? *
Under what circumstances would you not keep your new animal? Check all that apply
Your new pet will live 15 or more years. What would you do if you could no longer provide for him/her? *
Who will care for your pet while you are away on vacation? *
If for some reason it doesn’t work out with the dog you are adopting, would you agree to return him to our rescue? *
Are you willing to keep in contact with our rescue after adopting him/her? Nilsa loves to see her rescues in their new life happy and thriving. It is what drives her to continue with her mission, especially on tough days *
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