Mischief Makers Facilitation Course
You're here because you're a doer, shaker, mover and maker. A maker of *mischief to be precise. We are very happy to see you made it to this form. This means you are seriously interested in signing up and joining our 6 week course in the art of facilitation and in growing yourself while enriching your professional portfolio: AKA you're awesome šŸ˜Ž.

*mischief: play, creativity, flair, collaboration and co-co creation, je ne sais quoi, uber productivity, roguery, devilry, originality, funny business
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What does signing up to the facilitation course mean?
In this open course you'll be joining a group of 20 multi-disciplinary participants to be trained in the art of facilitation. You'll discover different facilitation styles, learn from experts and peers, with hands on tricks and techniques around how to run engaging meetings, workshops and events.

It means:

ā€¢ Becoming a master in designing and delivering interactive and engaging workshops
ā€¢ Learning how to unlock potential within groups
ā€¢ Understanding group dynamics and individual learning styles
ā€¢ Developing your unique facilitation style
ā€¢ Applying your skills in a wide range of situations
ā€¢ Lots of mischievous fun
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Do you have previous facilitation experiences you could share? No worries if not: if you're new to the game but you've got a knack for it our door is open!
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