Invoice: National Poetry Month reading
Please follow all instructions carefully to receive your $125 honorarium for your reading. This program is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage.
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Please note that payments must be issued electronically at this time due to COVID-19. We use a secure third-party service called Plooto, which asks you to input your banking information via an e-mail prompt.
If you have had issues with receiving Plooto payments, we can arrange a direct deposit. We are not able to issue e-transfers. Contact if you know you have difficulty receiving Plooto payments.
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If you would like to use a portion of your payment as a donation to the League, please indicate that here. All donations greater than $5 will receive a charitable donation tax receipt. You can also use all or part of your payment towards your membership fees, if that is applicable to you.
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