Community & Communication
Thinking about how Fairfield Schools serve the community, would you say that the school is going in the right direction? *
Generally speaking, how much would you say that being in the Fairfield Local School District has contributed to the quality of life that is enjoyed by people who live in the community? *
How closely would you say that you follow news and information pertaining to Fairfield Schools? *
Overall, how would you rate the job that Fairfield Schools does communicating with parents and the public? *
If you answered "Poor" to the question above, please tell us why.
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Thinking about the various forms of communication you receive from Fairfield Schools, would you say that the amount of information you receive is… *
How do you get most of your information about the school? (check all that apply) *
Which way would you prefer to receive information about the school? (check your top 3 choices) *
Have you seen any news, information or posts about Fairfield Schools on social media? *
Generally speaking, was most of the information you saw on social media favorable towards the school, unfavorable or both? *
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