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What is Sustainable Living?
There is no limit where sustainability can be applied. It can be initiated at an individual level, family, schools/college, housing society, village, corporate level etc and important point is without working against someones beliefs/dogmas, practices.

Lets try to analyze it to some extent in few context.

In case you are willing to initiate sustainability at housing society, school/college, village, corporate level, etc please let us know about it in comments/suggestions section below.

Lets analyze Sustainable Living at individual level:

The five elements around us, i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space are getting polluted by a non-sustainable approach towards life. The reason is our minds getting distracted by changing lifestyle, unverified information/sources and many other non-sustainable ways of today's fast paced world. Result of these distractions is unhealthy food, ill health of our body, society, environment and mind.

Corrupted food, distracted lifestyle and non-sustainable approach usually does not show up its ill effect on daily basis, along with small routine health issues its generally pops up as grave health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, early ageing, many more, say over the period of 5, 10, 15 years. Same is the case of environmental/ecological recourses like polluted river, air, soil & forests.

Good news is awareness creating champions of Sustainable Living Pune group who left their well set profession/job and are full time working for Sustainability since many years, succeeded to restore distracted minds to good extent.

Also regional (around Pune) product manufacturing champions started providing us good quality organic, ethical regional/seasonal products.

Let’s restore our distracted mind by attending workshop/sessions by awareness creating champions like:

1.) Know body, food, environment, lifestyle and manage 80% of health issues by yourself, through Dr. Nikhil Mehta 's Two Day Ayurveda Introduction Workshop being conducted since 1997.

2.) Learn how to grow your own organic/ethical food, ultimately organic/ethical Farming through Hemal Patel's Two Day Terrace Food Gardening Workshop

3.) Sessions on Chemical Free lifestyle by Niranjan Upasani

4.) Sessions on Economics by Bhushan Patil,

5.) Sessions about Desi Cows and A2 Milk by Vishal Deshmukh

6.) Sessions on Honey Bees by Amit Godse,

7.) Session on Mitrakida by Rahul Marathe

8.) Sessions on Waste Management, etc.

More than 1800 conscious group members (as of Dec 2017) contributing to the idea of Sustainable Living by having eye opening discussions on our 15 WhatsApp groups, Admins managing the groups efficiently with zero-tolerance to unrelated contents and taking sustainable initiatives proactively.

Our SLCC's ( Sustainable Living Connection Creator's) across the city are bridging the gap between citizens and sustainable living products/services.

Regional and seasonal products are:
A.) Best for healthy living
B.) Helps to boost local economy,
C.) Helps to boost local employment and de-centralized economy.

Our regional product creating champions are facing various challenges and producing good quality organic, ethical product for us.

Our Vision is to have such Sustainable Living Experience Center in every town, driven by local champions and producers.

Lets join the hand and see how we could contribute to sustainability together for the sake of ourselves, our children and future generation.

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You will be added to one of the Sustainable Living groups. There are 15 WhatsApp groups with 1600+ members) specifically made for citizens and souls who would like to live a life which hands over abundant resources of Mother earth and Universe to next 7 generations.

This kind of lifestyle is termed as SUSTAINABLE LIVING(Google it to know more about it).

There is no pampering or usual forwarding in this group.

If you think its wrong to be here you can LEAVE the group at that second.

This message is for newly connected members so that you can understand the CORE thinking & CONTEXT of this group.

Let me present you a CONTEXT & GLIMPSE of Sustainable Living WhatsApp groups.

More than 1600 CONSCIOUS members with diverse communities like Art of Living, SSY, Vipasana, UrbanSoil, Jeevaka, Arthakranti, ISKCON. It has Meditators, Organic Farmers, Organic Gardeners, Composting lovers, Nature Guardians, Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Software Techies, Spiritual teachers, Ecopreneurs, Students, Homemakers, Language & School Teachers, Businessman.

Above all we love to create ABUNDANCE for the coming GENERATIONS and hand over a beautiful MOTHER EARTH to them. Sustainable living is that lifestyle which aims HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in whatever action we do with nature, for nature & by nature.

Added you to SHARE content related to living a ecologically & economically Sustainable lifestyle in cities.

Here post will be most on Urban Farming also known as Food Gardening, Native Cows & A2 milk, Rainwater Harvesting, Honey Bees Conservation, Organic farming, Native Trees Plantation, Urban Waste Utilization, Plastic Upcycling, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Yoga, Meditation, higher consciousness & INTEGRATE all the above.

Spiritual courses & cultural linkage CONTENT is welcome but with a balance on Sustainable living content too.

If you leave its your CHOICE. If you are removed please message me on WhatsApp personally that you like to be here because i like to keep this group clean & active of what is to the POINT. We may SHUFFLE you inbetween our groups as per your PARTICIPATION.

Please post CONTENT related to sustainable living initially when you join the group. If you are not verse with theme & content of this group be in RECEPTIVE mode a couple of days & observe the content posted here. Then start posting. Avoid FORWARDS & POST mostly your LIVED experiences with Sustainable Living.

First EDUCATE yourself about CONTEXT of this group.

Know people here. REFRAIN from posting immediately whatever you like.

We have a ambience created on this groups from last 3 years hence whenever you join this group think of you as RIVER merging with OCEAN of Sustainable Living.

REQUEST for new members addition to Sustainable Living group should be sent to ADMINS & NEVER posted on our groups.

This group is for information and education purposes only. Refrain from treating it as an advertisement portal for any products or services if any .

Any pictures or videos posted by you must have an introduction to enable other members to decide what to download.

Please INTRODUCE yourself on the Sustainable Living GROUP. We would like to connect you with others on the group & your introduction would help.

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