International Alliance of First Responder Motorcycle Clubs - Memorandum of Understanding
The purpose of this MOU is to announce a joint commitment between the parties to affirmatively seek and promote the Core Values of the Alliance among law abiding motorcycle clubs in any place where like-minded clubs can be found and brought together. The signers herein agree to proactively promote The Alliance in the spirit of co-operation with like-minded clubs at home and abroad.
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Background *
The Alliance was founded on the principles that all law abiding motorcycle clubs share common freedoms including the right to form, operate, and express themselves with logos and mission statements. Law abiding motorcycle clubs are beholden to no-one outside those with proper authority in a free society. The Alliance exists to allow for the collective assertion of these freedoms by demonstrating, in concert with all Alliance member clubs, that solidarity, brotherhood, networking, and benevolence can benefit the law abiding biker culture worldwide.
Networking *
The parties named in this document agree to share with all concerned parties via our network information which may serve as intelligence with a purpose to serve and protect the interests of all Alliance member clubs. The networking capabilities may also be used to provide hospitality and support to Alliance members throughout our network.
Law Abiding Organizations Only *
All Alliance member clubs certify that they are law abiding organizations and are not in any way affiliated with the outlaw groups known as 1% clubs or 1% support clubs, or any motorcycle organization whose core values and/or practices run contrary to the law abiding policies of The Alliance. All member clubs are expected to adhere to the Alliance Code of Conduct as outlined in the by-laws. Alliance by-laws can be found by following this link:
The Alliance Patch *
Alliance member clubs are not required to wear the official Alliance patch but are encouraged to do so. Alliance clubs that wear the patch are granted permission to create a page for their club on the Alliance website. Alliance member clubs agree that the Alliance is the sole distributor of the patch and no outside producers or distributors are authorized.
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