SURJ Worcester Work Group and Affinity Group Selection
The following questions are to help us connect you to a work group and an affinity group within SURJ Worcester. We will try to match you with an affinity group with similar learning styles and availability.

SURJ members are, at minimum, expected to be a part of an affinity group. Affinity group participation is required if they choose to join a work group and participate in General Meetings. SURJ members may then choose to join workgroups as well.

Affinity groups are smaller than work groups, with fewer than 10 people in a group. The purpose of this small circle is to have peers to process feelings, talk about difficult moments or conversations, and hold one another accountable to the small changes we each must make in order to undermine white supremacy and all other "isms." While the day to day of affinity groups is not reported back to SURJ Worcester, affinity groups should be prepared to share lessons learned and resources with the larger group regularly.

Work groups are teams of SURJ Worcester members who focus on specific, related goals together and collaborate with community leaders in that area. Workgroups will follow the lead of BIPOC efforts in their focus area, collaborate with active agencies, organizations, and leaders in the community, and report back monthly to SURJ General Meetings where they can share out, receive feedback, resources, and ideas, and offer lessons learned and next step.

Contact information will be stored long enough to connect your workgroup and affinity group to one another.  Only the SURJ Worcester coordinators team has access to this form and its answers.
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