Financial Literacy Initiative Assessment 

The Plasma of Hope Financial Literacy Initiative is a strategic educational program designed to improve the numeracy and financial management skills of individuals in Walsall, not limited to those affected by sickle cell disease or thalassemia. This initiative seeks to empower participants by enhancing their ability to make informed financial decisions, thereby fostering greater financial resilience and independence.

Participants will undergo a series of structured learning sessions over 5 months, which will include topics such as budgeting, understanding financial provisions, and using technological tools for numeracy. The aim is to deliver content that is immediately applicable to participants' lives, enhancing their capacity to manage personal and household finances effectively.

The initiative will employ a blend of group and individual learning methods, facilitated by qualified instructors and supported by modern online platforms for accessibility and convenience. In addition, the program will provide resources for independent study to supplement guided learning, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Assessment of participants will be continuous, with initial and final evaluations to measure progress and a feedback mechanism to adapt teaching methods to participants' needs. The expected outcomes of the initiative include increased numeracy skills, better financial management, and ultimately, a positive impact on the local labour market by improving employment prospects for residents.

The assessment form will be used to collect participant data, track learning progress, and gather feedback, serving as a critical tool in monitoring the success and impact of the Financial Literacy Initiative.

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