Our Amazing Fighters- Application
Please take a short amount of time to fill out this application! My team wants to make the package to the best of our ability and the more information you can give, the better! Thank you and we hope to be in touch with you soon!
Any questions or concerns email me: ouramazingfighters@gmail.com

*Please note, that I am a full time college student and live away from home, so I apologize in advance if it takes me longer to process and send your care packages. I will get to you as soon as I possibly can. In the meantime, you are in my continuous thoughts and prayers always. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!
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Fighter's name: *
First and Last
Name for their Blanket:
Some people like to have their child's nickname on the blanket while others like their full name. It is completely up to you but we want to make sure we get it right! Please make sure it is correctly spelled out!
Fighter's age: *
Fighter's Gender:
Parent or Guardian's Name: *
Parent's Email or Phone Number: *
(The fastest and easiest way to get in touch with you)
Fighter's Condition or Illness: *
Hospital your child is treated at: *
Has your child received treatment or been hospitalized in the last 6 months? *
What are some of your child's interests? *
(hobbies, sports, favorite cartoons, movies, princesses, superheros, etc.)
Fighter's Favorite Color(s):
Does your child have a favorite treat, snack or candy? *
Does your child have any allergies or food restrictions? *
Child's shirt size?
Does your child have siblings? If so, please list their name, age and some things they like or their favorites in regards to interests/ hobbies/ shows/ etc.
Is there anything your family is in need of, that Our Amazing Fighters might be able to help with? (Cleaning supplies? Diapers? Hand Sanitizer? Toilet Paper?)
What is your address or P.O box? (unless you are open to hand delivery- Please specify below)
Hand delivery is for the Central Virginia area, Harrisonburg (JMU) area, Washington D.C, Duke Hospital, and UNC only.
What region of the United States are you in?
Totally fine if you don't know or live in a border state- Just helps us get a better quick grasp of location for shipping purposes.
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Do you have a facebook, instagram or website where you give updates on your child? (If so, what is it? We would love to follow along and support your child and family!) *
Would you allow us to share your child's story/ pictures on our account?
For previous care package recipients, it has helped raise funds, get items specifically for your child's package and helps Our Amazing Fighters continue our mission of advocating for childhood cancer warriors. "Our Amazing Fighters is committed to raising awareness and sharing stories of kids who have/ are battling pediatric cancer. We hope to inspire others through your child's strength and utter courage because the first step to finding our cure, is through knowledge. We truly believe your child is one of our heroes and absolutely Our Amazing Fighter!"
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How did you hear about Our Amazing Fighters and our Care Packages?
Any other information you would like us to know?
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